Feb 07

PartKeepr 0.1.9 and PHP 5.6

On some machines, the default OPCache of PHP 5.6 prevents PartKeepr from running. This is because the OPCache doesn’t parse comments. The solution is to enable the OPCache to parse comments:


The detailed cause and solution can be found on this blog post.

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Dec 06

Demo System up again

The demo system is up and running again, however, it’s currently not built from the latest GIT, but from commit ae0ee4f322ec62ef3fbde10182d9468f74fdb573.

This enables new users to test-drive PartKeepr again.

Oct 13

Demo System Down

The demo system is currently down due to the migration to the Symfony2 framework. This situation will take a bit to clean up, please stay tuned.

Oct 11

PartKeepr Virtual Machine Image – BETA

We’ve just uploaded a Virtual Machine Image for PartKeepr 0.1.9. Please find it in the Download Section. Please be aware of that the image might not work in your environment, if so, please tell us so that we can adjust it.

May 03

PartKeepr 0.1.9 released

We’ve just released PartKeepr 0.1.9.

Read our new and noteworthy document for things that have changed.

Get PartKeepr 0.1.9 at the download page.

Feb 24

PartKeepr server updates: IPv6 and SSL

All web services (wiki, demo, forum, ci, api docs etc) are now supporting IPv6 as well as SSL connections (except the main website, which will move later today). On the wiki, forum and ci, you’ll automatically be redirected to the SSL site.

Additionally, commit message notifications are back in IRC #partkeepr.

Big thanks to else from RaumZeitLabor for providing the SSL certificate.

Nov 05

PartKeepr 0.1.8 released

We’ve just released PartKeepr 0.1.8.

Read our new and noteworthy document for things that have changed.

Get PartKeepr 0.1.8 at the download page.

Oct 14

PartKeepr 0.1.8 delays

Hi there,

unfortunately, the PartKeepr 0.1.8 release was hit by a serious showstopper. Due to the update to ExtJS 4.1.0, the setup wizard stopped working, and I’m working on that issue for over a month now. I finally have found the culprit and have reported it to the Sencha guys.

It will take a while until Sencha responds or until I can provide a workaround. So expect the 0.1.8 release no sooner than 2 weeks, it might even take up to 4-6 weeks depending on how much trouble the bugfix will give me.

If I had Sencha support, I could directly create a ticket which would have been handy several times in the past. As I cannot afford support as offered by Sencha, I hereby ask you: Please donate if you can! A single developer pack is $595 USD initially and $299 USD for each subsequent year.

Jul 16

Donation Request: We need a Mac!

We’re looking for an used Mac which can run Mac OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7 in order to test the build processes against OSX. Any Mac with 2GB RAM or more would be sufficient.

If you have such a hardware to spare and wish to donate it, please contact felicitus[usual-mail-separator]felicitus.org. We can cover the shipment costs to Germany, if wanted.

Jul 11

New and Noteworthy

We’re now documenting all new and noteworthy features in our wiki:


You can easily keep track of the new features available in the development version.

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