PartKeepr is licensed under the GPLv3 license. You need an unix-like operating system (Linux, FreeBSD etc), a web server (Apache2/nginx) with PHP5.6 or higher and a MySQL/PostgreSQL database. Windows is not supported, so proceed on your own risk. No free support can be given for Windows systems!

Latest Release: v1.4.0

Released April 28, 2018

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Virtual Machine Image (v0.1.9)

PartKeepr provides a virtual machine image in the OVA format which is supported by VirtualBox. You can use the virtual machine image to evaluate PartKeepr. Please note:

PartKeepr.ova (555MB)

Source Code at GitHub

The source code for PartKeepr is hosted at GitHub.

PartKeepr GitHub Repository

Nightly Builds

Nightly Builds contain the latest source code, packaged daily between 00:30am and 01:30am CET. You can try those builds, but make sure you create a backup prior usage.

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We provide downloads for all previous releases:

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